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Terry Eustice
Terry Eustice
In today’s day and age it’s really hard to find companies that are service minded. Kita was totally amazing. In the fact that they made a date to do the work on my roof and when they found out it was gonna rain they moved it up a week and a half so they could have the work completed before the rain came. They didn’t charge me extra, but in the process of the work they found more problems they charged me minimally extra and as the work continued, they found more problems and they took care of them. When I asked Peter he said well we had the materials on site. Why not use it? They were incredible. The whole job was done in two days. My calculation they did 30% more work than they promised in the contract. I know you can’t expect that every time but they really did care about their customer. I thank them I hope they’re available for other projects around the house. I understand they’re general contractors. I was so pleased to hear that, and intend to use them for other projects. I thank them again. Sincerely, Terry Eustice.
Byung Ju
Byung Ju
KITA Construction was hired to perform Tenant Improvements (TI) & internal infrastructure upgrades for my Medical Device R&D Facility (~9,000 sq. ft) in Fremont, CA. TI’s included fixing roof leaks, ceiling tile upgrades, divider wall construction, kitchen/employee break area construction from scratch (drywall, counter top, sink installation, hot water dispenser), Compressed Air system w/copper piping/filtration, Misc. electrical upgrades and CER (HEPA Clean Environment Room) for enabling manufacturing of Class-1000-10,000 medical devices. They provided a detailed quote segmented by each task that I needed to complete for my facility to upgrade the old interior structure to be an operational medical device R&D facility. Price was fair (not to low, not too high), but the quality of the output was very acceptable. Taking into consideration COVID19 on supply/demand for raw materials order delays, they were nearly on-time to complete the various construction improvements & installation. As the founder/CEO, I highly recommend KITA Construction. BTW, they are versatile, like a “Handy Man” organization, not just a “Roofing” Company in my opinion. I may utilize them again for a personal construction project in the near future. Byung J. Founder/CEO INCUMEDx Inc.
Jude Sullivan
Jude Sullivan
We are so delighted with the work that was done on our roof by KITA Construction! Peter Kim, owner of the company, came to our property to assess the condition of our roof for our insurance company, and gave us a detailed visual explanation of the repairs needed. We have a Tudor style design, which makes it very steep! He made sure that his team was well secured to the roof with all safety measures taken to accomplish the job well. His office manager, Jeff, sent us emails for updates on the team’s progress and included photos. They have given us a very good warranty too. Now we can give our insurance company all the details of the update. Great job! Very professional. We would recommend KITA Construction to anyone!
Barbara Drew
Barbara Drew
Kita Construction did a great job replacing our roof with extra layers to insure that our roof is protected from any unexpected weather conditions. Peter Kim's crew d oh d a good job. I highly recommend this roofing company
Sel W
Sel W
Friendly, organized and professional--highly recommend.
Joy H
Joy H
KITA team did a fantastic job on an office remodeling project. They were professional, on time, on budget and very clean after work. I will use them for my home remodeling and refer to all my friends. Thank you KITA !

Exterior Painting

Restore the beauty of your property through high-quality exterior painting, where every detail is meticulously carried out to ensure an impeccable finish.

How does KITA Painting Roofing carry out the painting process?

1. Book a Consultation

Connect with our knowledgeable team to discuss your needs. We’re here to listen and provide expert guidance – let’s get you started!

2. Professional Assessment with the Best Solutions

We provide custom painting solutions designed specifically for the needs of the Bay Area residents and businesses. Our experienced painters ensure you get the most out of our partnership.

3. Detailed Proposal with Photos

At KITA Painting Roofing, quality is our top priority. We stand by our transparent estimates and deliver exceptional service, every time. We’re not here to make false promises, just provide a painting service you can trust. Remember, a suspiciously low quote might lead to a low-quality job.

4. Pick Materials and Schedule Your Project

To help you create the perfect painting project for your property, we’ll provide samples of different paints. We’ll walk you through the pros and cons of each option, and even explain the painting process. Once you’re happy and have signed the estimate, we’ll get your exterior painting scheduled within just a few days!

5. Work Begins

We’ll let you know about any prep work needed for your project. For a complete rundown, our team is available to explain to you all the details and what to expect during your painting project.

6. Clean-Up

Our team of licensed painters delivers top-notch craftsmanship. We take pride in a clean worksite, so you can rest assured that once your project is complete, we’ll thoroughly remove all debris from your property. We understand the importance of leaving things spotless – just like you would!

Explore our collection of beautiful exterior painting results and check out how a fresh coat can increase market value and return on investment!

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